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5 Benefits of a Charter service!

There is a perception that to Charter a plane is significantly more expensive than flying on commercial flights, however, the cost is comparable especially when you assess the benefits a Charter flight can present to your business and travellers. If you regularly move groups on specific travel itineraries, Charter flights would present significant financial savings and […]

Is your company missing out on travel savings?

Surprisingly, the travel industry in Australia has bucked the trend of increased regulation and in recent years it’s become easier to operate without the once-compulsory certifications. But what does this mean for travellers and particularly business clients? Buyer protection is now a greater concern if you book with non-licensed agencies, but there is another factor […]

Set hotel program or ‘best rate of the day’?

How people choose to travel for work is changing in the millennial economy. It’s evident in the increasing demand for corporate rentals or Airbnb stays, taxis taking a back seat to ride sharing companies and traditional room service being replaced by the likes of Uber Eats. Complete Business Travel has noticed a shift from fixed […]

How to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights

CBT is proud to be market leaders in providing our customers an avenue for financial compensation through our partnership with AirHelp, a new traveller compensation platform assisting impacted travellers to exercise their rights to monetary compensation. AirHelp is an independent provider who will work on your behalf to identify instances where the airlines may owe […]

Uncertain times cast a shadow on the travel industry

Economic and political uncertainty have traditionally impacted travel behaviours. What we are seeing today is unsettling and likely to take its toll, with the likes of Brexit in the UK and possible impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States. In the past we’ve seen situations like these cause travellers to bunker down and […]

What airlines are doing to help sustainable travel

Sustainable travel practices are becoming a greater priority, for corporate travellers and their companies. A recent Global Business Travel Association report confirmed that the majority of travel managers are being asked to find more sustainable travel practices. Travel managers also agreed that it’s important to empower travellers to make sustainable travel choices. Air travel is […]