Travel tips

12 Business trip hacks that make work travel easier

When you travel for work the top priorities are having an organised schedule and being able to get to where you need to be without any hassles, so that you can get the job done. You want to hit the ground running without worrying about whether or not you’ve packed what you need. So here […]

How to de-stress your business travel

Someone who knows how stressful booking business travel can be is Michelle Charon, from BMD. It’s easy for it to become overwhelming when trying to coordinate your travel arrangements with corporate schedules, so we asked Michelle what are her top 4 ways to ease the tension. Stress-free tip #1 – Book online “Complete Business Travel […]

How to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights

CBT is proud to be market leaders in providing our customers an avenue for financial compensation through our partnership with AirHelp, a new traveller compensation platform assisting impacted travellers to exercise their rights to monetary compensation. AirHelp is an independent provider who will work on your behalf to identify instances where the airlines may owe […]

How to give work trips the wellness treatment

Rushing to check in on time and get through security, dealing with chaotic airport scenes, then being cooped up for hours while you prepare for meetings so you can hit the ground running – travelling for work can be stressful all round! Typically, business travellers sleep less than non-business travellers and even 30 minutes less […]

A new dawn for beating jet lag

Jet lag is always a hot topic with travellers, but particularly after the recent ground-breaking (or air-breaking) non-stop Qantas flight from New York to Sydney. We’ve seen Alan Joyce and David ‘Kochie’ Koch doing the Macarena in their flying kangaroo pj’s and heard about the special menu that was fed to the business class guinea […]

What you need to know when flying with electronic devices

Keeping track of which electronic devices you can and can’t take on board flights is becoming increasingly difficult. One of the more recent safety concerns for airlines is lithium batteries. The batteries are a potential fire risk, so you can understand why airlines are cautious. This is the reason for the introduction of new conditions […]

Top 6 travel gadgets for 2020

Travel gadgets can definitely be worth their weight in gold on a work trip. Anything to make business travel easier and more efficient. We’ve asked our partners for their top digital accessories or go-to travel devices. Aside from the smartphone, which sits firmly at top of everyone’s list, here are some other travel gadgets that […]