Introducing Status Match with Virgin Australia

Exciting news for business travellers: Complete Business Travel is thrilled to introduce our exclusive Status Match program with Virgin Australia! Get ready to enjoy incredible perks as we match your current Qantas status with Virgin Australia for a full 12 months. It’s the ultimate way to upgrade your travel game. How to apply: Email vastatusmatch@virginaustralia.com […]

Holiday Hours Update 2022

Please note our team will be working over the holiday period, excluding public holidays, to assist our clients travelling during this time. We’d like to thank our dedicated consultants for their hard work during this period, and the rest of the CBT team for their tireless efforts throughout the year. We hope you all have […]

Six ways to keep your staff safe while travelling abroad

Six ways to keep your staff safe while travelling abroad   When sending your staff overseas for business travel the priority needs to be their safety and wellbeing. But do you have the right resources and risk management in place to keep your travellers safe, evacuate when necessary and mitigate risk?   Here are six […]

Self-Managed Travel

Could self-managed business travel be costing you more in time, money and risk?   In an environment where competition is increasing on a global scale,  is becoming more and more important to retain key clients and ensure business growth and expansion. While it can seem like managing your corporate travel program in-house can save you time, […]