Our innovative and collaborative approach to travel management is complimented by our wealth of knowledge, the technology we use and the strength of our reliable and experienced team.

Our simple and easy-to-navigate travel portal, Zeno, enables our clients and their employees, no matter their position within a business, to self-manage their own travel bookings. Zeno is accessible both online and via an app and is specifically designed for corporate organisations. It gives travel administrators and travellers the freedom to choose from a wide range of travel suppliers, while allowing employers to maintain control over every aspect of spend through real-time policy management. Through a simple, intuitive and time saving user interface, our clients enjoy a seamless travel experience when booking their travel through Complete Business Travel.

Some of Zeno’s key features include:

  • the ability to link flights, accommodation, car hire and airport transfers
  • real-time application of client corporate travel policies
  • the ability to create traveller, travel administrator and guest traveller profiles
  • ability to book domestic, Trans-Tasman and international itineraries
  • opportunities to maximise savings through ‘best fare rates’ of the day along with saving calculations
  • automatic application of frequent flyer information to bookings based on traveller profiles and previous bookings


To assist with navigating the Zeno portal, we provide clients with technical support and information sessions to ensure they have the knowledge and tools they require to feel comfortable using our client-centric travel portal.