About Us

At Complete Business Travel (CBT), we are dedicated in our pursuit to provide outstanding customer service and personalised travel management solutions.

Our industry-leading team work with a bespoke range of products, services, suppliers and leading technologies, that go above and beyond in delivering value for all the requirements as a business owner.

We offer clients a safe, comfortable, and seamless travel experience . Priding on our genuine passion and determination to ensure a stress-free travel partnership. The innovative approach adopted allows for the most complex and varied itineraries to be handled with impressive travel management solutions and reliable approaches.

Around the clock support and expertise is provided to deliver a superior experience for all staff. We’re acutely aware of the uncertainty and unpredictability that travelling can bring, now more than ever. With collective industry experience of over 120 years, we have the relationships and expertise to successfully manage the challenges and travel changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.