Our People

Kristin Panchetti

General Manager

Kristin has gained strong manager skills through her 13 plus years’ experience in the travel industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the Complete Business Travel team. Having worked and travelled overseas, in the hospitality and travel industry, Kristin’s primary focus is customer service and ensuring the team has supportive workplace.

Kristin will always go the extra mile for her clients to ensure they are cared for to the best level. She is admired for guiding her team to perform tasks to the best of their abilities and following the philosophy of ‘a happy work environment creates happy and confident workers.’

With the knowledge and assistance of the CBT team, Kristin is looking forward to seeing the CBT business continue to grow into a successful niche travel agency.

Favourite travel experience? Kristin’s most cherished travel experience was her wedding in Tuscany, Italy with all her closest friends and family.

Kylie Mooney

Client Support Manager

Kylie is a seasoned travel professional with over 17 years’ experience in the industry. She is very well versed in all aspects of travel, with considerable experience in the group travel space.  Kylie’s passion to deliver a superior customer experience and her meticulous attention to detail makes her a real asset to the CBT team.

With an extensive travel history travelling to over 49 countries, Kylie has a wealth of knowledge and understands travel better than most. She connects with clients by putting herself in their shoes and drawing on her past experiences to provide tailored travel management solutions.

Favourite travel experience? One of Kylie’s favourite experiences was when she visited the Galapagos Islands, a place home to remarkable wildlife and beautiful scenery that left a long-lasting impression. A lover of nature and the great outdoors, she also has a soft spot for the beauty of Africa. 

Kate Robinson

Senior Travel Consultant

Kate is a veteran when it comes to customer service, having over 15 years’ experience, eight of which being in the travel industry. Kate is a highly client-centric person and more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure she satisfies the needs and expectations of her clients. She is an extremely organised and focused individual that takes great pleasure in helping others.

As a travel enthusiast, Kate loves all things travel, having travelled to many countries in her life and relishing every experience. She harnesses this passion into the work she produces for clients, ensuring all their expectations are met.

Favourite destination? Kate’s favourite travel destination is the USA, in particular Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. She is also a frequent visitor to Tasmania where she enjoys its natural beauty, great food, and great wine.

Bridget Stancic

Senior Travel Consultant

Bridget brings extensive knowledge to the CBT team, with 12 years of customer service experience and five years within the travel industry. Bridget is determined to assist clients beyond their expectations and will always offer a personalised level of service. She enjoys working within her team and finds no day is the same, which is what she finds so exciting.

Bridget has found that her personal travel sparked her interest to join the industry and be apart of offering others’ a polished travel experience. She is determined that all clients have a smooth and seamless trip.

Favourite destination? Bridget has been lucky enough to explore many different countries (13 to be exact) and out of all of them Vietnam is the one that has her heart. From its authentic street food to its genuine people, village tribes of Sapa and traditional buildings all over, Vietnam is a destination that she encourages everyone to visit! 

Brooke Olling

Travel Consultant

Brooke’s outstanding people skills and love for travel make her a great addition to the CBT team. With over three years of customer service experience, Brooke has a thorough understanding of managing client expectations and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure they are exceeded.

The time Brooke has spent abroad travelling ignited her passion for the industry and desire to be a part of it. She looks forward to a long career in the corporate travel industry.

Favourite travel experience? One of Brooke’s favourite experiences was travelling to Nepal where she experienced the Nepalese culture, meet some beautiful people, and enjoyed the incredible food.

Office Administration Staff

Our team who helps run the behind-the-scenes work at CBT are all equipped with accounting, reporting, and a variety of administration capabilities that help keep the business running. They aid both clients and consultants with their strong customer service skills. With their work well looked after, consultants can focus on completing their bookings with ease.