Self-Managed Travel

Could self-managed business travel be costing you more in time, money and risk?


In an environment where competition is increasing on a global scale,  is becoming more and more important to retain key clients and ensure business growth and expansion.

While it can seem like managing your corporate travel program in-house can save you time, money and hassles, when you look closely, the reality can be quite different. Here are four ways self-managing your business travel could be costing your business more.

1. You tie up valuable resources

When you self-manage your business travel plans, it falls directly on the shoulders of one of your employees and takes them away from other operational or sales tasks that can assist with business efficiency, customer service or growth.

Having your staff visit a multitude of different platforms to find the best flights, accommodation and car rental, can be time-consuming, costly and inefficient. Managed travel puts the responsibility into the hands of travelling employees and allows them to book everything quickly and easily on one central booking system, minimising time and maximising staff productivity.

2. You lack the data you need to make improvements 

When you go platform-to-platform and book on face value with what appears to be the cheapest option, you have no consistent method of booking your business travel and no visibility around your corporate travel spend and how to improve it. You can also get caught out with airfares that seem to be cheaper, but carry greater expense if they need to be changed.


With a managed travel system you have complete visibility on your business travel costs, including agency costs, and can easily identify areas you can drive savings through comprehensive reporting.

3. You have greater risk 

Many businesses who self-manage their corporate travel don’t keep tabs on where their employees are or have processes and procedures in place to deal with emergencies or incidents should they arise, leaving them exposed to greater risk.

Managed travel prioritise the safety and security of travellers with built-in risk management that allows you to know where your employees are at the simple click of a button. At Complete Business Travel your safety and security is so important to us that we also provide 24/7/365 support to assist with changes, evacuations and appropriate emergency responses for all travellers.

4. You don’t have the buying power for greater discounts or extras

While those cheap flight sales can look like a bargain at the time, the reality is that you still aren’t getting the best deals and extras that you could be.

With managed travel, you benefit from partnerships (like ours with Hello World for Business) that allow businesses that don’t have huge volumes of travel to take advantage of big savings on flights, accommodation and cars with other extras included like breakfast and car parking.


Want to find out how managed travel could save your business time and money while minimising risk? Call us today on 1800 720 672.

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