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What success looks like for BMD and CBT

Taking traditional values and applying modern techniques, while maintaining high levels of customer service is what sets CBT apart and enables us to enjoy year-on-year growth and 100% client retention in the past 12 months.

CBT sees itself as an extension of each of the businesses who engage our services, it’s a partnership where all parties are focused on achieving the best outcomes.

The value of working in partnership is echoed by CBT’s clients. As BMD Group Executive Director Operations Scott Power recently explained: “As we’ve grown so too have CBT in the services and the way in which they provide those services, the technology platforms, all of those tools that we use have grown and evolved with the growth of our business to make our travel arrangements seamless.”

If you’d like to know more about how Complete Business Travel can deliver confidence and travel security for your company, please contact our team on (07) 3393 1833.

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