United States Global Entry is coming (hopefully)

Global Entry will mean that long queues at US passport control are a thing of the past for Australian passport holders.

The Department of Home Affairs was due to trial Australia’s participation in the scheme in 2019. It’s now expected to commence in coming months, with 500 travellers being permitted to enrol in the Global Entry pilot program.

The United State’s Global Entry program unlocks priority processing at passport control. It also includes access to TSA PreCheck for speedier security screening at USA airports.

The Australian Government and United States Customers and Border Protection are working through the approval process. Other countries already eligible for Global Entry membership include the UK, Germany, Singapore and India.

How to apply for Global Entry membership

When Australians are eligible to apply, the approval process will include a background check and in-person interview.

The first step is applying online via the US Customs & Border Protection website. You need to create a Trusted Traveler Progams (TTP) account and pay the $100 non-refundable fee. Your application will be reviewed and ‘conditionally approved’ if there are no concerns.

At this point you can schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrolment Centre. For most travellers this will be able to take place at passport control on your next visit to the United States.

If your membership is approved it will be valid for five years.

Members can use Global Entry kiosks and express lanes at passport control when entering the United States. If you’ve seen the queues at Los Angeles airport lately, then you know why travellers are eager to cut the entry processing time from hours to minutes!

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