Travel apps that help your business trips run smoothly

Where would we be without our smartphones? They are a pocket-sized extension of our office and a valuable piece of equipment for business travellers. But which travel apps should you install before your next work trip?

CBT looks after all your travel itinerary issues, so that’s one worry you can check off the list. Google Maps and rideshare services like Uber or Didi have obvious advantages for travellers. So here are seven more travel apps that will help your business trips run more smoothly.

1. Pain-free packing

This free app for your iPhone or iPad helps take the pain out of packing. Packr creates packing checklists that are tailored to meet your personal needs. You can organise your luggage for each trip, depending on your activities and the weather. It will modify packing lists for different locations and you can use the multiple destination feature for trips with several stops. Packr is add-free, available in 22 languages and connects with TripIt.

2. Off to a flying start

Flio is a nifty free travel app that lets you check your flight status, track flights and view airport discounts. In addition to flight status updates, you can  find your way around 900+ of the world’s most used airports. The app aims to make the airport experience easier, and also cheaper, with discounts on food, drinks and other amenities.

3. Find a place to lounge

When you’re in an unfamiliar airport, finding which lounge you can access can cause a headache. Knowing which lounges you are eligible for and what rules apply can be complex. That’s where LoungeBuddy comes to the rescue. The app enables you to view, book and access lounges easily and quickly. You can pre-load your personal information so the app can notify you of which lounges you are eligible to access. You can also purchase single visits at lounges around the world.

4. Get local info

AroundMe is an app that helps you quickly find nearby points of interest. These can include restaurants, car parks, hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets movie theatres, etc, etc. You can browse restaurant menus, use the app to navigate to venues and more. It’s available for Android and iOS, and even comes with a simple Apple Watch tap feature.

5. Don’t miss your workout

Work trips are often the enemy of the waistline and going for a jog might not be an option. Here’s a way you can combat the buffet breakfasts, afterwork beers and banquet dinners – ClassPass. This app gets you into the best fitness classes near you. There’s a 14-day free trial and then monthly membership fee of AU$49, but you can cancel any time. Yoga, cycling, boxing? Do a search, reserve your spot and you don’t need to skip your usual work out!

6. Keep calm and carry on

Your body clock is going crazy and the meeting schedule is brutal – no wonder you need a good night’s sleep. Calm is the perfect app to help manage stress levels and improve your sleep patterns while you’re on the road. The world’s top app for meditation and sleep has a monthly fee or annual payment, but there’s also a free trial available. There are hundreds of sleep stories to choose from, each read by a soothing voice to help you drift off. Better sleep, lower stress and less anxiety sounds like a great way to help you perform at your best.

7. Track your road trips

You can keep an accurate record of the kilometres you drive with the MileIQ app. If you’re renting a car, this app works in the background of your smartphone to automatically record the distance travelled. A simple swipe lets you log the trip as business or personal.

If you would like more tips for taking the stress out of work travel, you can read our 12 business trip hacks.

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