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Top 6 travel gadgets for 2020

Travel gadgets can definitely be worth their weight in gold on a work trip. Anything to make business travel easier and more efficient.

We’ve asked our partners for their top digital accessories or go-to travel devices. Aside from the smartphone, which sits firmly at top of everyone’s list, here are some other travel gadgets that will be handy to have this year.

1. Portable charger

A portable power bank is our number one, for the simple reason that we’d be lost without our smartphone or laptop. The latest models all support fast charging. There are plenty tho choose from on the market, so you can stay connected while you’re on the road.

Anker PowerCore Select 20000 power bank rates highly with experts and usually costs under $90. The 20,000mAh battery will be enough to charge a phone or tablet multiple times. One caution, you will need to check compatibility with your device.

Another popular power bank is iMuto’s Taurus-X4L 20,000mAh ultra cmpact. It’s a bit heavier, but this model has two ports and two main advantages over Anker PowerCore. iMuto’s compatibility is greater and it’s about half the price.  You’ll probably need to upgrade to the Taurus-X6L-Pro to charge MacBooks or other laptops, but it will be wise to check the specifications.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

Headphones are a hit now with so many business travellers. A worthwhile investment to shut out the general noise on flights, so that you have a better chance of sleeping. With the external sounds drowned out you can also enjoy your music more, catch up on podcasts or use the time for a mindful escape. The other plus – turns out they are a polite way to put the ‘do not disturb’ sign to chatty passengers.

3. Screen protector

Maybe, or maybe not a gadget, but having a strong screen protecter will save you plenty of heartache. Even with the Gorilla Glass that’s used in the latest smartphones, they are not indestructible. Tempered glass screen protectors are the way to go for tech-savvy travellers.

They are easier to install, more scratch resistant and best of all, have stronger impact protection. If something falls on your phone there’s a greater chance your screen will survive. And if you drop your phone, the additional layer of glass helps to absorb the impact.

There are also products such as Slick Gadget, which protects your screens with Titanium Armor that adds a thin, invisible layer to protect the screen. Once the contents of a pre-treated sachet are applied, it takes about 48 hours for the nanotechnology to fully cure.

4. Smart suitcase

Imagine being able to weigh your bag without using scales, check on its location when you’re in transit and know if it’s been opened. Those are some of the features that are available with the new age of smart suitcases. Many also have remote lock systems and the ability to charge devices through a USB connection. Like all good game-changers they entered the market at top price, but we’re starting to see smart suitcases become more affordable.

5. Water purifier

Depending on where you travel, this might be one you don’t normally worry about. But if you are keen to cut down on plastic waste and protect your health at the same time, as SteriPEN is a great gadget to carry.

SteriPEN uses ultraviolet light to destroy waterborne microbes and it’s as easy as swirling it around in the water you want to drink. The device charges by USB and will treat up to 50 litres of water on a full battery. You can get SteriPENs at most outdoor shops.

6. Universal plug adapter

An all-in-one adapter isn’t a new invention, but they have improved to accommodate the latest devices. Many models come with multiple USB or Type C charging ports. It’s much easier to have all international plugs in one place, but now they can also act as a multiple charger to up its travel gadgets value!

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