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Qantas Frequent Flyers email scam

Qantas frequent flyers have been targeted in a sophisticated email scam. The emails have prompts to log into a fake Qantas website so personal details can be harvested. If you have received these emails, please do not open or click on the links.

These messages were sent out on 17 February, claiming to celebrate the Qantas 100th anniversary. Frequent flyers were enticed with “100 Free Business Class Upgrades” and “Golden Tickets”, with fares between Sydney and London starting at just $205.

The familiar Qantas template was used and appeared realistic by being populated with links that take users to actual Qantas web pages promoting flights and insurance. There are also social media links to genuine Qantas channels.

In clumsy English, frequent flyers were invited to help celebrate the airline’s centenary year: “Within the next 100 hours, we’re releasing 100 Golden Tickets at $205 from London Heathrow airport to Sydney. Economy Return. Every single day we’ll be releasing twenty of these amazing tickets from 12.00pm. We’ve only got 100 available so you should definitely be super quick and check the offer on a regular basis.”

Qantas isn’t the first airline to be targeted by phishing. Phishing is when scammers deliberately create an email designed to trick you into sharing your security and personal information – this can include information that could give them access to your Qantas points.

Incidents of phishing are on the increase and are becoming more sophisticated and targeted. So advice from Qantas is to pause before opening every email and protect the security of your frequent flyer account.

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