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Qantas adds a perk for international premium flyers

Good news for business travellers who don’t want to worry about checking in bags on international flights.

In March, Qantas increased the maximum weight for one carry-on bag to 10kg on domestic routes. Now it’s been announced that Qantas international passengers in First, Business and Premium Economy can enjoy the same benefits.

You can now bring up to 14 kilograms of carry-on luggage, with one piece up to 10kg, on international flights when flying in a premium class.

While the overall allowance hasn’t increased, the new policy aims to offer more flexibility in how carry-on weight is distributed, thanks to an increase in the maximum weight of one item from 7 kilograms to 10 kilograms.

The other big advantage comes when connecting with domestic flights, because the hand luggage limits on your international flights are now the same if you’re sitting up the front.

International First, Business and Premium Economy passengers can now carry on board:

    • One bag up to 10kgs, maximum 115 cm (56cm + 36cm + 23cm)
    • Or two bags with a combined weight up to 14kgs, one with max. 10kgs. Size up to 105cm per bag (48cm + 34cm + 23cm)
    • Or one bag up to 10kgs, maximum 105cm (48cm + 34cm + 23cm) + one soft garment bag up to 185cm (60cm + 11cm + 114cm). Total weight up to 14kgs.

Full details can be found on the Qantas site.

But remember, if you’re on an international flight in economy class, the  carry-on allowance is still 7 kilograms.

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