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How to de-stress your business travel

Someone who knows how stressful booking business travel can be is Michelle Charon, from BMD. It’s easy for it to become overwhelming when trying to coordinate your travel arrangements with corporate schedules, so we asked Michelle what are her top 4 ways to ease the tension.

Stress-free tip #1 – Book online
“Complete Business Travel (CBT) plays an integral part in my role when booking travel for both colleagues and Executive staff here at BMD. The online platform is customised to our travel policy and I can make bookings both quickly and efficiently. I am able to check on travel bookings easily through the dashboard and it allows me to stay on top of bookings at the click of a few buttons. I am able to make adjustments where there might be changes to the travel required and because of how simple it is to use, it takes away the stress of travel booking.”

Stress-free tip #2 – Make work enjoyable
“When I call any of the team members from CBT they know me instantly. They are friendly and always willing to assist, whether it be through email or over the phone. They even understand my occasional unusual requests. They manage to make what can be a stressful part of my job to be easy and enjoyable.

Stress-free tip #3 – Find people you can rely on
“Each Monday, I require a customised report for one of our projects and this is supplied to me without reminder and without any additional cost. These are the sorts of value-add experiences that set CBT apart from its competitors.”

Stress-free tip #4 – Don’t go it alone
“The team at CBT are always accessible and the after-hours number gives me that extra comfort in case I need to make changes to travel outside the core business hour.”

Want to take the stress out of your business travel? Contact our team today to talk about a personalised travel plan for your company.

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