How AI helps with travel management checks & balances

When you partner with a travel management company, the aim is to create a program that will balance company priorities and money-saving initiatives with the flexibility of tailored travel experiences.

Accommodating employee travel preferences can help facilitate productive business trips and be beneficial for staff satisfaction. It can also post risks for your business, so having appropriate checks in place avoids travel managers having to address policy compliance issues.

This is where artificial intelligence can play an important role in improving and streamlining travel management. AI is an effective ‘behind the scenes’ tool that is evolving along with technological advances that can be applied to the travel industry.

Here is how CBT is already using AI to address the needs of our corporate clients and their travellers.

Expenses Management & Analytics

Helping companies control spending is where AI shines. It not only improves expense management, but saves time by automating many manual tasks and contributes to cost-saving initiatives.

Having timely reports and a clear picture of overall travel expenses helps to recognise where improvements could be made. Working with your travel management company, the advanced analytics enable you to consider things like the best times for making bookings or re-evaluating contracts to deliver a more cost-effective outcome.

Improved policy compliance also has financial advantages. AI automates the detection of policy violations and can pinpoint fraudulent expense claims. AI can flag risk areas, so that rather than spending time reviewing all the expenses, a finance team can focus on promptly fixing any errors or wrongdoings.

Tailored Travel Experiences

These days more and more employees are seeking personalised travel options. If a company’s travel policy does not meet employee expectations for convenience and comfort, then a business risks staff booking through their own channels. That process can spiral into reduced visibility, cost blow-outs, internal unrest and policy breaches.

AI can help avoid this problem by gathering data to understand employee preferences and identify recurring patterns. With this insight, your staff can be fed options that are tailored to meet their requirements, whilst being compliant with the company’s travel policy. For example, using previous behaviour to predict the most suitable search options means the top hotels suggestions are likely to be the most compatible. The recommendation feature is the perfect solution for simplifying the booking and tracking processes.

Traveller Safety

Travel managers want to ensure duty of care and AI is making it easier to respond promptly if staff need their help. The old rule of hope for the best and plan for the worst definitely applies to traveller safety. Natural disasters, accidents, lost documents or other dangerous situations are fortunately rare, but AI can alert us to itinerary changes or more serious emergencies and enable us to locate the traveller quickly.

Artificial intelligence is very important in today’s travel climate and CBT embraces the latest technologies. We also strongly believe that personalisation starts with people. By having robust, leading technology partnerships we can ensure we are providing tailored business travel management solutions to deliver safe and seamless travel.

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