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CBT’s new wellness platform is making headlines

CBT’s new wellness platform is in the news again, because so many companies are searching for ways to look after their staff’s health and wellbeing during this pandemic, and beyond.

Simon McLean, CBT MD and founder, spoke recently with Ticker TV about why it’s vital that businesses invest in their people and empower them to balance their own wellbeing.

Studies have proven that improving personal health enhances engagement, increases productivity and reduces the costs of absenteeism in the workplace. In Australia, time off work increased to an average of 11.2 days per employee per annum in 2019. That rise in days off is estimated to cost the Australian economy over $35 billion in wages and lost productivity.

CBT has used our award-winning initiative and nimble approach to business to find a cost-effective solution that organisations can put in place quickly. We’re also the first travel management company in the world to offer a wellness program that’s this comprehensive.

With the majority of staff working offsite, our new wellness platform couldn’t have come at a better time. It is perfect for remote workers and looking after employees who are on the road.

We’ve partnered with Switch+, the world-leaders for online wellness, to offer this new subscription service. Everything from yoga and pilates, to strength management and full body workouts are available on-demand or in live sessions. Switch+ keeps you engaged and helps you to stay active, your way, at your pace, when you’re ready.

If you’d like to know more about how CBT and Switch+ can help you drive engagement and results, please reach out to Simon any time on simon@cbtravel.com.au or (07) 3393 1833.

Sources: DHS 2019 Absence Management and Wellbeing Survey Report

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