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CBT flicks the switch on health, fitness and wellness

This time last year, CBT won a 2019 National Travel Industry Award for our innovative approach to corporate travel. 12 months on and it’s a whole different business landscape, so we’ve stepped up again with a world-first initiative to support our clients.

With many people working remotely and travelling less due to COVID-19 restrictions, engaging employees and aiding their wellbeing is a struggle. We’ve partnered with a new streaming platform designed for corporations to invest in their people and empower them to balance their own wellbeing, around the clock, wherever they might be in the world.

“Modern life is stressful and pretty unhealthy at the best of times, but now taking care of ourselves and our staff is vital. We needed to think outside the box to find a new approach to wellness for our clients,” says Simon McLean, CBT Managing Director and founder.

“There’s the science behind wellness concepts, and then there’s the mind and body, or more spiritual side – combine these and it’s a perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle,” says Simon, who’s been a long-time advocate of healthy and happier workplaces.

If your company is looking at ways to have a healthier and more productive workforce, then we’re excited to offer you a cost-effective solution. CBT has partnered with Switch+ to give your team access to the world’s best fitness and wellbeing specialists – all available live or on-demand.

Investing in the wellness of staff can save employers in the long run, but you don’t want to throw cash at random health campaigns and pointless gym memberships. With our wellness program you can make it count, staff participation is trackable and for a low price you can expect high value.

CBT is the only travel management company in the world to offer its clients a wellness program that’s this comprehensive.

If you’d like to know more about how CBT can help your team thrive, please reach out to Simon any time on simon@cbtravel.com.au or (07) 3393 1833.


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