Travel safety

New travel health & safety tracker

A new travel health and safety tracker is now available to CBT clients. Being safe when we travel has needed a complete re-think, so our latest tracker helps you make healthier travel decisions. It also makes it easier to know what you can expect on board, in the room or when you’re on the road. […]

Business travel and health: what you should know

Traveller health has been receiving so much media coverage recently and it’s understandable to feel concerned about upcoming business trips. Although many regions are still considered safe to visit, the recent Australian government advice to defer non-essential travel and introduction of a 14-day isolation period for international arrivals in Australia could impact your decision to […]

Coronavirus advice and warnings

Coronavirus advice and warnings have been updated, with the rapid increase of cases around the world in the last week. There are now COVID-19 cases in 76 countries and territories. While the numbers in some countries are relatively small, they are increasing. The virus has been impacting the travel industry globally. In the corporate travel […]

Latest information on the coronavirus for travellers

Information on the coronavirus continues to be updated. As of 1 February, the advice level for Australians has been upgraded to Do Not Travel to China. The Australian Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, outlined the situation in a letter to the travel industry on Friday, 31 January. “Experts still believe this virus is, in […]

Travel Update for Banned MacBook Pro Laptops on Flights

Many airlines are now placing restrictions on 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops, following Apple’s recall of some laptop models purchased from September 2015 to February 2017. It’s understandable, due to safety concerns over the lithium ion battery and the potential to catch fire, but it is becoming increasingly complicated for MacBook owners to know exactly what […]

Travel Alert: exercise caution in Hong Kong

Latest news from Hong Kong is that protests are expected to continue and ‘flash mob’ gatherings are unpredictable, so visitors are urged to exercise a high degree of caution. There have been violent confrontations between police and protesters, with police using tear gas, rubber bullets, water canons and other crowd control measures. Tourist and residential […]

Six ways to keep your staff safe while travelling abroad

Six ways to keep your staff safe while travelling abroad   When sending your staff overseas for business travel the priority needs to be their safety and wellbeing. But do you have the right resources and risk management in place to keep your travellers safe, evacuate when necessary and mitigate risk?   Here are six […]