Health & wellbeing

Helping staff stay well is healthy for business

Helping staff stay well is a sign of a good employer, but now it’s proving to be vital for business. Productivity and engagement can be linked to the physical and mental health of staff. Therefore, it makes sense for companies to invest in the wellness of their workforce. Improved personal health also leads to less […]

CBT’s new wellness platform is making headlines

CBT’s new wellness platform is in the news again, because so many companies are searching for ways to look after their staff’s health and wellbeing during this pandemic, and beyond. Simon McLean, CBT MD and founder, spoke recently with Ticker TV about why it’s vital that businesses invest in their people and empower them to […]

Hotel hygiene is getting a coronavirus upgrade

Hotel hygiene is something we would normally take for granted, but now sanitation is in the spotlight. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the germy remote control, but those days should be gone thanks to COVID-19 cleanliness campaigns. In our new hygiene-conscious world, properties are prioritising guest health with enhanced cleaning protocols. See how […]

CBT flicks the switch on health, fitness and wellness

This time last year, CBT won a 2019 National Travel Industry Award for our innovative approach to corporate travel. 12 months on and it’s a whole different business landscape, so we’ve stepped up again with a world-first initiative to support our clients. With many people working remotely and travelling less due to COVID-19 restrictions, engaging […]

Business travel and health: what you should know

Traveller health has been receiving so much media coverage recently and it’s understandable to feel concerned about upcoming business trips. Although many regions are still considered safe to visit, the recent Australian government advice to defer non-essential travel and introduction of a 14-day isolation period for international arrivals in Australia could impact your decision to […]

Coronavirus advice and warnings

Coronavirus advice and warnings have been updated, with the rapid increase of cases around the world in the last week. There are now COVID-19 cases in 76 countries and territories. While the numbers in some countries are relatively small, they are increasing. The virus has been impacting the travel industry globally. In the corporate travel […]

What’s the risk of catching a virus in a plane

True or False: the risk of catching a virus from a sick person on a flight is lower than in many confined spaces? It’s True! Modern aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters, which effectively capture more than 99.97% of airborne microbes. Health studies show that cabin air quality is as good as, if not better, […]

Easy exercises you can do in your hotel room

Want some easy exercises you can do while you are on a business trip? We know how tough it can be to keep up any type of fitness routine when you’ve got flights to catch and meetings to attend. Then there’s the issue of gym gear. If you’re travelling light, chances are you will have […]

Mindfulness tips for business travel

Mindfulness is a term you might not have even heard until a few years ago, but the seemingly modern therapy has its origins in ancient mediation practices. The days of associating mindfulness with rooms of cross-legged people with their eyes closed have also changed. Meditation can help to cultivate mindfulness, but it’s more about being […]

A new dawn for beating jet lag

Jet lag is always a hot topic with travellers, but particularly after the recent ground-breaking (or air-breaking) non-stop Qantas flight from New York to Sydney. We’ve seen Alan Joyce and David ‘Kochie’ Koch doing the Macarena in their flying kangaroo pj’s and heard about the special menu that was fed to the business class guinea […]