*Coronavirus notices

Domestic flight services will resume

Qantas and Virgin Australia will reintroduce flights on a limited domestic schedule. Flight services will resume from today, 17 April, and will operate with social distancing on board. This announcement comes after the Australian Government has committed to subsidising key domestic routes for at least eight weeks. The Federal Government, in collaboration with the airlines, […]

Airlines bending the rules to keep frequent flyers

When all this is behind us, the aviation industry knows it’s going to need the help of its most loyal supporters to recover. That’s why airlines are acting now and extending, or bending, the rules to keep frequent flyers happy. Here’s a quick overview of how some carriers are putting their customers first. Virgin Australia […]

Virgin Australia ‘no show’ rules apply

Virgin Australia has issued an important notice regarding the airline’s ‘No Show’ conditions. The carrier has advised they are updating their ‘no show’ conditions to permit any guest who fails to board a confirmed Virgin Australia flight up until 11.59pm on 8 April 2020 to request to have the value of their ticket placed into […]

Business travel and health: what you should know

Traveller health has been receiving so much media coverage recently and it’s understandable to feel concerned about upcoming business trips. Although many regions are still considered safe to visit, the recent Australian government advice to defer non-essential travel and introduction of a 14-day isolation period for international arrivals in Australia could impact your decision to […]

Coronavirus advice and warnings

Coronavirus advice and warnings have been updated, with the rapid increase of cases around the world in the last week. There are now COVID-19 cases in 76 countries and territories. While the numbers in some countries are relatively small, they are increasing. The virus has been impacting the travel industry globally. In the corporate travel […]

What’s the risk of catching a virus in a plane

True or False: the risk of catching a virus from a sick person on a flight is lower than in many confined spaces? It’s True! Modern aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters, which effectively capture more than 99.97% of airborne microbes. Health studies show that cabin air quality is as good as, if not better, […]

Latest information on the coronavirus for travellers

Information on the coronavirus continues to be updated. As of 1 February, the advice level for Australians has been upgraded to Do Not Travel to China. The Australian Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, outlined the situation in a letter to the travel industry on Friday, 31 January. “Experts still believe this virus is, in […]