Airport lounges

Latest airport retreats for business travellers

Airport lounges often aren’t the retreats for business travellers that they used to be. But they are still more desirable than spending hours at the gate. Here’s an update on where you can head to get some peace and pampering before boarding. Plaza Premium’s elevated experience Plaza Premium Lounge lets travellers enjoy pre-flight time in comfort, […]

How to enjoy access to airport lounges

Ever felt envious of frequent flyers who can enjoy access to airport lounges before enduring a 7+ hours flight? The airport experience can be chaotic, so we’ve got some tips on how you can slip away to a lounge and relax in peace, even if you’re not a Platinum or Business class flyer. Qantas has […]

Airport lounges helping to make time fly

We spend hours hanging around airports before flights and lounges go a long way towards helping us make the most of this time. Here’s an update on some of the recent airport lounge initiatives that are bound to increase your pre-boarding pleasure. American Express new Sydney Airport lounge Located near Gates 50-63 at Sydney Airport’s […]