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A ‘restart timetable’ for the tourism industry

While our country’s leaders consider the road to economic recovery, the tourism industry has proposed a ‘Restart Timetable’ to map our move out of hibernation.

The timetable predicts that travel to New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours could resume in early July.

Flying to other “safe” short-haul destinations, where community transmission has been low, is expected to be possible by September. Broader international travel is more likely to recommence in 2021.

Domestic travel could be on the cards for July, though it’s reliant on the hot topic of state borders reopening.

Also business events for up to 100 delegates is flagged to restart in July, with larger events proposed for mid-September.

Restart timetable for tourism industry
Source: Australian Chamber – Tourism & Travel Daily

The restart timetable was created by the Tourism Restart Taskforce, a group of travel industry leaders formed in late April by the Australian Chamber – Tourism.

The six steps are designed to act as industry and government markers for a recovery timeline. The schedule can be adjusted subject to health advice, but being able to reach the restart timetable steps is looking more possible each day.

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