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5 Benefits of a Charter service!

There is a perception that to Charter a plane is significantly more expensive than flying on commercial flights, however, the cost is comparable especially when you assess the benefits a Charter flight can present to your business and travellers.

If you regularly move groups on specific travel itineraries, Charter flights would present significant financial savings and effectiveness.

Below are 5 points to consider when weighing up whether commercial flights or Charters are right for you:

1. Cost visibility and certainty

We all know that seat prices fluctuate regularly on commercial flights which can make it challenging to budget. Utilising a Charter service via CBT, you will be presented with a minimum of 2 fixed prices to support your budget. With last minute changes, Charter services often allow manifest changes up to 30 minutes prior to departure, free of charge. This close to departure with Commercial services, could incur significant financial impact.

2. Control of your travel schedule

Charter flights allow your business to determine the schedule to get the most out of your travellers time in their destination. Being in control of the schedule, will allow optimum productivity of your workforce. You will also enhance your duty of care to your employees by returning them back to their families with this increased flexibility.

3. Save $$$ and time on ground transfers

Utilising a Charter service opens up more airstrip options especially in regional locations, getting you closer to your destination. This gives you more time in the location where you need to be and saves you money and time on ground transportation to/from major airports.

4. Save time in the Air

Being a dedicated aircraft to your business, you can use this time to conduct tasks that normally would need to wait until you arrive if travelling on a commercial flight. You can utilise this time to conduct safety briefings, staff induction processes, training and other administrative tasks.

5. A more personalised travel experience

With a Charter service all travellers share a common reason for travel. If there are delays, like a change in weather conditions, the Charter provider will communicate directly with CBT so travellers are always informed and kept up to date.

CBT have a number of Charter partnerships to suit your business needs. If you require any assistance with Charters please call the team on (07) 3393 1833.

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