Our Experience

At Complete Business Travel (CBT), we take pride in our personalised and dedicated service, so we can deliver our clients with the best travel management solutions for them.

We pride ourselves on being a niche business not focused on having the largest client base, but focused on providing our clients with personal and dedicated support.

As an industry leading team, we ensure our clients are equipped with a customised range of products, services, suppliers, and market leading technology. Our highly skilled team has experience managing corporate group travel including sporting teams, entertainment groups and charter travel for larger groups.

We have a genuine passion for customer service and creating long lasting relationships with our clients, which is reflected by service we provide. We offer 24/7 support, providing expert advice, booking assistance and travel management whenever you need it. Our team are well versed with every booking we make to ensure our clients always feel supported and can trust us to manage their travel.

Our innovative and business-focused approach to travel ensures we are able to effectively manage any requirement requested by our clients.